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Sensual  prose which captures the essence of true love, Order your copy today!

Renee Cryer


This poetry book contains pg 13 to erotica poetry and prose. It is for the reader to feel as though they are experiencing what is going on the piece. Also, there is a Comedian friend of mine Comedian Velly Vel that was having fun with some of the subject matter in this book.

Poetress: Writing Love Letters

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This steamy title is a definite MUST READ to add to your literary collection.  Now available in paperback & E-Book. Order your copy today!!!

Kenya Nushen


For Tyson and Andrea keeping the fires of their sex life blazing high has never been an issue. From role-playing to sex toys, there isn’t much that is off limits for this open-minded, sexually expressive couple. Although this time they’ve concocted their most elaborate erotic game yet..

On the other end of the spectrum, Gary and Sharon haven’t been truly intimate in years. At his highest point of frustration and anger, Gary, contemplating an affair, confronts his sullen wife and creates a stand-off that he hopes will end with putting his marriage on the road to salvation. And a session of steamy, sex of course!

Dr. Benson is a very successful plastic surgeon. His practice has made him millions but he’s fast becoming disillusioned with women’s quest for perfection. At the end of a particularly long day, his last patient is proving to be too abrupt for his frayed nerves. That is until she dispenses with her disguise to reveal herself to be his lovely wife looking to experience the full range of her husband’s bedside manner..

In this collection of fictional stories, there is an abundance of relatable couples that showcase the power of intimacy attained in a committed relationship. Follow along as they discover that through communication, love and a little creativity they can make and keep their promise to each other strong and have a steamy sex life in the process!

The Marital Position



This debut release features some delightfully sensual prose written from the heart and soul.  "Whispers of Love" is written scribe speaking the language of love. To get a taste of what you are in store for, stop by her blog page and show her your support! Thanks in advance!

Alfreda Ghee


This featured talent is the Author of the currently released title "Verbal Portraits"

Renee Renda

Renee Renda, an Ohio native has been writing since she was about 13. Among other creative outlets such as: sketching, making, and designing jewelry, Renee has always maintained a passion for writing.  She recently began writing short stories after being encouraged by her friends and family after some of her poetry was discovered accidentally.  Her first book: Verbal Portraits is a collection of short stories and poetry spanning from erotic literature to suspense and horror. The stories and Renee’s poetry talk about love, lust, moving on, overcoming fear, and a variety of other things.  The Short stories in most of her writing tend to feature female main characters but they have vastly different personalities and attributes.  

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Check out this remarkable poetic collaboration by Natasha Dunning & Derrick Valentine. Now avaliable in E-Book at special rates!!! Order your copy today!!!


This intense, sensual thriller is MUST READ to add to your collection.

Gaiven Clairmont

Synopsis for "Reality, Dreams and Nightmares"

Could it be a demented dream or beautiful nightmare? One thing is for sure, Kimberly's reality is about to be altered. 

Reality, Dreams and Nightmares is an erotic thriller.

Kimberly,is a pretty but intelligent housewife who after feeling neglected constantly by her husband because of his commitment to his career,has a very passionate dream about his best-friend only to find out what she dreamed actually happened. 

Horrified and feeling like her marriage is crashing to the floor, she battles with her guilt, the emotional wall which has appeared in their marriage also newfound feelings she has for new "lover". 

The story and plot then unfolds with lies, betrayals, twists and turns as Kimberly realises that she may not be the only one in this twisted love triangle who is hiding and keeping secrets.,

But as the secrets are uncovered Kimberly's world and the world of her husband and her "lover" threaten to crumble in astonishing circumstances in this non-stop page turner which will have you at the edge of your seat till the very last word.

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This next Published Author I am very honored to feature. She has a truly amazing story.  Show your support for this incredibly talented artist who comes with a vast range of style, she writes poetry as well as short stories. Introducing...June Clemons!

June M. Clemons

I am a breast cancer survivor, a domestic violence survivor and student who attends Shaw University and I will graduating in May with my Bachelor's in Business Administration. I have been writing poetry every since I was 12 years old and as I got older, so did my words. I believe that if you fight for your dreams, you will have your dreams. I believe that Life, as a concept should be lived everyday with joy and passion because we are nothing without it. 

Books avaliable at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Xlibris in Hardback, Paperback & E-book format.


Check out this newly released title!!!

Dowell Oba

 A poetic adventure through the tides of life. This poet captures his theme vividly under several sub headings; being nature, life, and man, as it pertains to his constant drive with inspiration. He analyzes the poets being and political notions of life; specific tributes to the African race, with tranquil sober tunes; ending it superbly on a soft driving theme and universal appeal, being love and beauty of the unique natural; which is priceless.


Add this highly acclaimed release to your collection. Order your copy today!

 Craig Pinckney Refour
    Published Author
          "A King's Genetic Memory"


Published works; A King’s Genetic Memory; The Royal Inspiration (Retailers; Barnes &,, Book Also available in EBook, Kindle & Nook)

 This 82 page book of inspirational poetry started with the author writing down his deepest thoughts, emotions and experiences. Craig Pinckney ReFour wrote about his relationships with friends, loved ones and even his enemies.
“I began to get inspirations and subjects in my sleep. I would wake up and just start writing, not knowing what my finished product would be. While deployed overseas for my second tour my writing began to pick up again, and here we are;  A King’s Genetic Memory.”
Every word of A KING’S GENETIC MEMORY: The Royal Inspiration was written outside the United States. It was started in Iraq in 2004, and was completed in 2009 in Afghanistan.
This American soldier inspired by God, and the descendant of kings, hopes his poetry will inspire others in the belief that anything is possible in a world filled with so many possibilities.


Check out this intense thirller, a great read to add to your collection!

Who says desperate times don’t call for desperate measures? Chandelle, Nia, Rachel and Rena are four women with good looks, promising careers and men who can’t stay away from them. Hard economic times and the loss of everything they hold precious test the constitution of these best friends who would do anything to have each others back--- including robbing a casino. Find out if these four women can keep their friendship in tact and make it out alive.




The wait is over... Now available in Nook Book & Paperback additions, is the Sensually provacative Erotica hit titled Liquid Eroticism...a little something Hot and Steamy to get the blood rushing about... Orders are now being taken on the Wikked Konnection Publishing website:

...this book I honestly feel is for everyone, well everyone Adult that is. It is a highly erotic, sexually charged book of short stories and poems. This is a book that the ladies can read and then find their significant other and voice out things to be tried, and fantasies to be lived out. On the same hand, fellas, you can take this book and read it to your lady, watch her get all charged up because you're reading such sexiness to her, and have a romantic night of delicious(yes I said “delicious”) passions that can be replayed over and over because hopefully the book will not get old.

Cover art for my new book Liquid Eroticism... not my work but definitely a sexy cover... dont miss out... poems and short stories for the hot and sexy
From My mind to My wall to your eyes ... I hope you enjoy this peek into My Imaginations



The web links to pre-order My two soon to be released books

 ... its been a long time coming and the excitement is 

building. I invite all to join me for this new chapter in                

My own continuous story... please share with friends and 


The New site has been set up

Its the promotional jump off my two books being published this month Pitch Darke:the Poetic Chronicles of Damien Darke & Liquid Eroticism... I still have a little bit of work yet to do on it but please feel free to check out what I have up now.. theres a little about me and my work... some of my writings poems and stories ...including some of my erotic work... to access the erotic section please contact me for the user id and password ... please let me know what you think... thank you

From My mind to My wall to your eyes ... I hope you enjoy this peek into My Imaginations


Travel down lovers lane as she indulges you with her sultry, steamy renditions of Oooh sooo soooo sweet fantasies......

Secrete Emotions

“Secrete”, a word when spoken even in jest can inspire illicit thoughts, actually refers to a bold spoken word artist from Washington, DC who has named herself “Secrete Emotions”. A proud, yet admittedly shy, erotic poet, Secrete Emotions, born Tennille Young, is now prepared to bare her soul through the graphically intimate writings in her new book, A Lover’s Journal. Created in the wake of an intense relationship, the book’s rather “blue” content reflects the freedom and fearlessness she felt then combined with what she feels now.  


This sexy thriller is a definite must read.

L. A. Smith

Tattered Obsessions intertwines the lives of three best friends and shows us the emotional bond they have for the women in their lives.  Criminal attorney, Victor Rowe finds himself defending the man accused of murdering his girlfriend Erion Banks', former lover and the father of her only child. Victor struggles with his emotions because he wants to make her his wife;  Erion may not share the same feelings. How will Victor handle his love for her?  Business owner and ‘well known’ womanizer Keon 'KC' Carter is caught between keeping Neva Majuave away from his best friend, DaRon Mitchell, or making her his next sexual target. Neva hasn’t gotten over her feelings for DaRon since they were college sweethearts and lovers up until a month before his walk down the aisle. She’s also the woman who came close to ruining that walk. What other tricks does she have up her sleeve for her former lover? Finally, private investigator Taleed Wallace struggles with sharing parenthood with a woman he despises and at the same time secretly lusts after, while maintaining his business relationship with his friend Victor. But will his actions cause this friendship to crumble after Taleed's well-kept secret is uncovered?

The following are links to Tattered Obsessions:

L.A. Smith, Romance/Erotica Author of Love ‘n Time, 
Making Love Last, Tattered Obsessions, and Two Timers
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Twin brothers who are making there mark in the literary community.

Gary & Kenneth Campbell

Gary and Kenneth Campbell were born in Naples Florida.  While Gary is now residing in Washington DC , Kenneth resides in Florida.  Gary's Literary Credits include two books of Poetry one being Erotic in content TWICE AS NASTY SEXY COOL and one that asks you to search your inner being My Soul My Heart My Mind.  Kenneth's literary credits include co-authoring with Gary on TWICE AS NASTY SEXY COOL and an epic fiction novel CAPTURED BY A KING which ecourages you to enjoy sex to the fullest yet be responsible. These books can be purchased through any traditional venues.  CAPTURED BY A KING is scheduled for release Dec 2011. Kenneth is an Actor, Author and Model...He can be seen on shows such as The Glades, Burn Notice. The Founder, commercials and Feature films such as Magic Mike, Step up 4 Ever, Soul Brothers and Night people where he plays a leading roll as Mathias.


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