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It is a great privilege of mines to feature this next artist. Her written prose brings forth an allure of bold sensuality, capturing the essence and beauty of her extraordinary gift for written art.......Introducing....

Cheryl 'Sublime Poetess' Faison

Cheryl D. Faison has a passion for Writing and Expressing herself. She is extremely comfortable in Speaking as well. Cheryl discovered her muse at the age 8. She’s a versatile writer, but her first love is poetry. Her poetry appears in various anthologies. Cheryl has been instrumental in the publishing of many others and is now taking time out to publish her own poetic offering to the world.

Cheryl is also a Radio Talk Show Personality on Poetry Pyramid which is a part of the Inner Child Radio Network.


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Sexing me, vexing me…
I can’t wait ‘til you undressing me
gyrating, vibrating plundering
my treasure with your measure

my back takes heed as you aim please
sipping from my sweet mead
One of a kind, rum like wine
my sexy merlot you drink below

I quake like earth yearning for
your girth in my vessel of birth
dim all the lights we going at it
all night

like animals in heat I want to suck, lick,
and taste you on repeat…beast in the sheet
going at  it hard and fast, nice and slow
reaching a sexual sonic boom flow 

I wanna to be nice in a nasty way
putting all our inhibitions at bay
we get it on in the midnight hour
unleashing the sensual power of foreplay

all day and night doing it left then right
we don’t need any oversight
just skin to skin, cheek to cheek
eye rolling, toe curling, lip biting
in the sheets…set me free

Ay papi…teach me a new dialect
as you give it to me correct
blending the caramel with coco
creating our own triple x show

I’ll be your baby tonight,
in the future…even the past
you make me wanna go back…
to days gone by in the night
as our bodies take flight

Baby! caress me touch me there…
kiss me and let me stare…
hair pulling, back scratching,
orgasms like thunder clapping

Oh! Damn let me swallow you
every inch is like sexual voodoo
I taste the seed you plant for me
as you let me hydrate it orally

bigger and bigger the root of it grows
got me kneeling on my knees and toes
I bow to worship your rod and staff
it should be a sin you’re blessed like that

Back breaking, bed rockin’
tonight the boots shall be knockin’
screaming so loud we go silent
‘cause the sexing here is borderline violent
beat it up, whip it in baby

oh yeah baby…
we gonna be freakin!

creamy ejaculations being
kissed by feminine lip salutations

climaxing clitoral stimulations
bathed in masculine oral libations…

the smile on your eyebrows
says it taste so very good
so cum now baby stack the wood

get inside me deep with your swell
baby…oh baby you love so well

I love the way you
sexing me, vexing me…
what you do when
you undressing me…

Cum with me and
I shall cum with you…
Our lovemaking is
…sexual voodoo.

Diva Nymph

aka Sublime Poetess
© 2012


His Latin was like satin as he whispered in my lobes

The lustful longings of his desires that abode inside me

Like pollen in the sting of the honeybee...sweetly pumping

Nectar of necessity to pleasure my pelvic proclivity

To be near him, to revere him in tranquility more

and more seductively while he perused  me poetically

As I used him aesthetically...angelically for my eye candy

His confection was perfection of a collection of skills

And thrills a woman dreams of when she wants to make love

He released the she-beast in me, so I aimed to please him intellectually

Erotically educated sexual instruction; percolating emotional combustion

Perplexing and vexing my thoughts within during my induction in

His private fraternity of lost never found panties...

Willingly, I submitted to his haze which only amazed; no need to hurt or harm while

He proceeded to cum and cum closer to me in midst of my feminine walls

His profession wrote new laws of attraction, the out cum always satisfaction

We re-verb'd nation after nation as our contemplation created

a new house of Greek underneath the bed sheets…

I tell you he was the best of the Latin Lovers…

He put Zorro to shame as he explored my Spain

He is the Columbus of orgasmic spices because he has the device

Which entices more than inertia more than a leap of faith or folly…

Re-Verses the whiz of gee by golly…he plays the words of the player

Like a team of NBA All Stars…he shot me to the moon and back…

Oh yeah! He’s got lovin’ like that…his lovemaking created a new universe

He gave me heaven on earth…I can truly say I was touched by an Angel …

So divine and Sensual, Tantalizing my mind, spirit and body

I had to write this scribe to tell somebody about...The Lover

Whose Latin was like satin in my ear…our moments of conversation I hold so dear

His language I will always keep inside…like his tongue whispers on my lips

and thighs…like the last drop of fragrance of his cologne…

His words, his words and his love Linger on and on.

Cheryl Sublime Poetess Faison
© 2012

*inspired by Taíno the Sensual Angel
of the Tantalizing Angels, NYC


This next featured artist exudes a great passion for written expression. She is the author of "The Poetress: Writing Love Letters"   Introducing.....Renee Cryer.....

Renee Cryer


Poetry has always been a passion of mine since the tender age of 5 when I first read a poem called The Vanishing Cream author unknown. When I write I don't have a targeted group in mind normally. The reason the books are separated by topic is because some maybe more of an adult read than others. Writing poetry has not only been fun and a focus but therapy. Suffering from depression most of my life, it was a safe outlet and haven instead of using alternate and more dangerous means. 

Hugs and luvs,

Renee aka Starr

The Perfect Kiss

As the song by The Doors plays on,
“This is the end, this is the end my friend…”,
I feel the fever of the burn that only complete frozen ice state can experience,
I remember the summer when we met at Circle K,
That dark brown hair, 
The breathing stealing blues eye,
You said you were going to be a police officer,
We had that one kiss,
It was many years ago that we bid adieu,
See we never really had our moment,
Mother Nature prevented it from occurring,
She knew it wasn’t meant to be,
Even if we had that perfect kiss,
The kiss that still warms my lips to this day,
Just for that moment, 
I was a princess in whole,
I wasn’t the tarnished hard working girl,
I wasn’t the blemished or heartbroken woman,
I was in eternity with a single kiss of perfection,
The kiss to be remembered but never found again,
My skin is turning as dark blue now,
Just like the blue that starrs shone so brightly against,
All that keeps me warm is that single kiss…

JRC 01/16/2012

Dear Diary,

I had a beautiful man fuck me today,
He knew what he was doing,
Damn still feel my legs quivering,
He moved with such fluidity,
I wanted to taste him again,
And again,
And again,
I am not one really for giving head,
But damn he tasted so good,
Getting wet just thinking about it again,
He spoiled my muse,
Created a new adDICKtion in me,
Dear diary it is time to go,
I have my man here I need to blow...

JRC © 02/19/2012

For purchasing info for "The Poetress: Writing Love Letters", go to the "Authors Corner" section where links will be provided. Thanks in advance for your show of support for this artist. 


This next artist I am greatly thrilled to introduce is the author of the highly acclaimed release titled "The MaritalPosition". With a truely extraordinary flare for erotica, she is a true literary phenom......Introducing Kenya Nushen

Kenya Nushen


I use erotica as the vehicle for my desire to build up the image of healthy relationships to travel in. I don't want to write without direction. I don't want to write erotica for the sake of being able to write successfully about sexual situations.

 My other heart's mission is to teach. Erotica gains people's attention, so I use it to do so. As of now my characters are mainly African American because I feel we need to build up the perception of ourselves the most but I plan to branch out into more interracial relationships in my next books. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being with the person who truly loves and accepts you no matter their race.

 In my work I present real people. I know that this genre can tend to be very fantasy driven and for good reason, but my desire is for my readers to see the fantasy as achievable in their own relationships, particularly marriages. So when I say 'real' people I mean you will find characters with cellulite, receding hairlines, crooked teeth, little pot bellies etc. I don't want them to dream of other people or the characters in the story. 

As a writer I feel I have a responsibility to my readers to give them something of substance, something attainable along with their desire to be entertained. I believe it is a gross misuse of my gift to continue to fill their minds full of that which will have a very slim chance of coming true and also sets them up for disappointment and heartache. I want people, men and women, to turn their minds, eyes, desires and hearts to what they see every day, i.e. imperfect husbands, imperfect wives, imperfect people. That's what's real and that's what their hopes should be pinned on.

 Once it was that entering into marriage and the mingling of families was not taken lightly. There was grooming, finances and plans involved for the greater good of future generations. I would like to see that happen again on any scale possible. And so my work also reflects the importance and beauty of love and marriage. 

There is a tide of information and articles on divorce and women and young people choosing to not get married. I'd like to do my part in countering that tide with why the institution of marriage still has an incredibly pertinent place in our society. The right familial connections build strength in a community and therefore a nation. In essence I want people to come for the erotic heat and passion but stay for the love, forgiveness and work it takes to sustain a relationship. 

Kenya was just recently featured in this months issue of 'Voice Magazine' , click the link below to check out her amazing article beginning on page 123.  Thanks in advance for your show of support!

Seeking Restoration

The Sahara would lower its eyes in deference to my condition
Moving stirs sand storms and withering epidermis
Softness has flown from my lips, my tongue devoid of moisture
And the sun has set on my sweet drink to none but a drop
So that even the dry bones gasp
Only a monsoon can restore what once I was
Cum cover me Dark sky
Bring the Thick Thunder
Bring the Long Lightning
Stretch the proffered brown horizon to the breaking point
And Rain
Rain down infinite moist kisses
Rain down a million wet licks
Rain down unending ejaculate
Cum absorption, cum taste, cum hunted revival
Turn my stone dryness
Into rainforest wet abundance


We arrived at the governor’s mansion dressed in black. I was in my onyx dark upper knee length dress with low décolletage and you in your stiff tux. You were uncomfortable and very uneasy about being here. At home, I’d convinced you that there would be plenty of people besides politicians, whom you had no great care for, here. At first you weren’t agreeable but when I existed the bathroom, my fit form zipped securely in this dress, high stilettos and peek a boo breasts, you felt it couldn’t hurt. Now standing at the front of the edifice, I could feel rather than see the sweat begin to bead. 

“Don’t worry,” I soothed, “All will be well. I’ll make sure you behave, I promise.” 

You looked down at me and smiled. You lifted my hand up to your lips and kissed it. A small action with thrilling effects.
“Let’s go inside,” you said. 

Upon entering we were directed to the ballroom. That ballrooms still existed in places was nostalgic and grand. The room was elegant and opulent. The ornate chandeliers brilliantly highlighted the diamonds and gems nestled on the polished skin of all the lady guests. We were enveloped by dazzling white smiles, expensive colognes and even more expensive fabrics. Few glances came our way but we didn’t mind. We were probably the rare few who did not come to be seen. And yet all the same we were impressed.

“Wow,” I whispered, “we have arrived.”

 Kevin looked down at me and I looked up to allow him full view of the amused light in my eyes. He chuckled. 
“By the way, I don’t think I told you how beautiful you look tonight.” 

I blushed as was customary, at his genuine compliment. He slid his arm around my waist to lay his hand firmly on my hip. The sexual energy between us rose immediately. The heat of his hand emitted its on special code of desire just for me, so no matter where he touched me, my body decoded and received the hungry messages. His hands, like the rest of him were so strong and confident. I knew those hands like blind fingers knew Braille. I closed my eyes and inhaled and my nose isolated the scent of him. He smelled like 99 reasons why I couldn’t wait to get him home after this. I opened my eyes and he was staring down at me with that intense look that drew me to him in the beginning. His eyes seemed to be overflowing with promise all day that he fulfilled each night. They were arguably his best physical asset. I looked around at everyone. Most of them were plastic, money grubbing, political hind parts kissers. So not Kevin’s natural environment. And so I devised a plan to….relax him a bit.

“What?” he asked
“What?” I questioned.
“You have that gleam in your eyes.”
“Gleam?” I asked innocently
“What is it that you’re planning in that pretty little head of yours?”
“Nothing,” I said shrugging. His eyebrows rose. 
“Well nothing I can tell you right now,” I said secretively.
“Come on, Keyara, behave tonight.” I simply shrugged again and put my most dazzling smile on. 
Let’s go.” 

For the better part of the evening we introduced and were introduced to the city’s elite. I was invited because the work I was doing with young girls in the inner city and its surrounding areas was gaining some amazing traction. I wanted now for Kevin’s ideas for groups and programs for young boys and men to get off the ground. I knew there would be a lot of influential people here that could make that happen. By the second hour we’d met and given contact information to many of them. I could see the renewed hope and motivation in Kevin’s eyes and smile. It made my heart expand for him. But by the third hour, he was ready to go. I could see the pained expression coming over his face from talking to so many hot aired politicians. Standing some feet away, conversing with a group of ladies from the artistic sect I decided now was the time to put my plan into action. I excused myself to the restroom. 

When I returned, I found Kevin talking to a very prominent judge and his petite blonde wife. I strolled over to them. Kevin introduced me as his wife and the judge’s wife extended her hand. Moving close, I slipped one hand into Kevin’s pocket and the other into her palm. 
“A pleasure,” I remarked. 
We made surface comments, laughed and I excused us to get another “perfect” drink from the bar. Kevin was smiling.
“You’re up to something,” he stated. 
“A game,” I said.
“A game, ok.”

 We stood off to the side of the bar and I lifted up close to his ear as he leaned down to listen.

“I just slipped my panties into your pocket. My very…wet panties.” He inhaled. 
“I’ve been watching you all night and not only are you hanging that tailored tux well but you’ve been so charming, intelligent and passionate about your endeavors in spite of the fact that you’d rather be anywhere else that it’s turned me on immensely.” 

I squeezed his arm and moved closer to his ear so that I could very softly lick the tip with my tongue without being noticed. 

“So here are the rules. We’ll stay one more hour. When we separate I’ll give you cues. When our eyes met from across the room, I want you to put your hand in your pocket and finger the wet crotch of those panties. When I wink at you I want you to lift your hand to your nose and smell your fingers. When I smile at you, no matter who you’re talking to, I want you to put your fingers into your mouth and taste me.”

 Kevin cleared his throat and moved the hand he held a drink in covertly in front of the lower part of his body.
“Agreed?” I asked. He thought for a moment. Many of the people in this room ran this city and could veto or support any and everything he wanted to do in it. He trusted her.
“Ok,” he said and turned his head to look at me, his face very close. The heat in his gaze had the power to melt my heels and send me crumbling to the floor. I closed my eyes against the persuasive fire.
“Good,” I replied and walked away on trembling legs.

Luckily I ran into a couple who had been friends of mine for years. After plucking a glass of champagne from a passing tray, I chatted with them easily as people came and went on our conversation. After about ten minutes I decided to try out my naughty fun. I looked around for Kevin. I spotted him standing not too far from where I’d left him listening to a short, stout man with red jowls that quivered as he spoke passionately about something. Being polite, Kevin was listening intently. I never took my gaze off of him. I’m sure he felt me watching and looked up. I lifted my head to meet his eyes. He looked back at the man and then slowly put his hand into his pocket. I could see his fingers moving under the fabric. I bit down on my lip. My whole body warmed to the fact that while this portly man was speaking perhaps about the importance of voting or some such thing, Kevin was in front of him fingering my wetness. Mmmmmm I thought. Once again I saw his drink hand drop down in front of his crotch.

“Keyara,” I heard my name called. I started and turned.
“Did you hear what I said or were you too busy ogling your handsome husband?” my friend teased. The others that had joined the conversation chuckled. I smiled sheepishly.
“I apologize, ask me again.” Fifteen minutes later my eyes found his again as he was talking heatedly to two men he seemed to know and I was with a threesome I wasn’t as familiar with. I very quickly sent him a wink and saw from my peripheral vision him slid his hand into pocket and then lift his hand up to his nose. He inhaled deeply of effect and I saw one of his acquaintances frown. I could hear him in my head ask, ‘are you alright man?’ I ducked my head to hide my giggle. I was very aware that my little game would make Kevin hot but what I didn’t count on was how turned on it would make me! Only now there was nothing there to soak it up. Between this game and the sweet breeze of freedom, I could feel the wetness between my thighs accumulating and gathering volume. A single drop spilled over and was traveling slowly down my leg as I was talking to two politicians’ wives that were involved in my projects. I placed my legs close together so that no one could see but I imagined in my mind that everyone could see and that made my nipples hard. I tried valiantly to keep a straight, casual face as the leak ran down over my ankle and seeped quietly into my shoe. I had thirty minutes left at this point. I was waiting for the right moment. Ten minutes later it came.
I was standing away from everyone but with a direct line of sight on my husband. To my delight up walked the governor making his customary final rounds. I watched Kevin shake hands with him and the woman he was standing with. They chatted for a moment until almost with a sixth sense Kevin looked up. His eyes widened as if he already knew. I knew he wanted to shake his head ‘no’ in protest but he couldn’t. I lifted my refreshed glass in cheers and smiled…broadly. He closed his eyes and his head dropped. I could see his jaw clenching. It looked as if the governor was asking him if he was alright. As they waited for an answer, for me everything slowed down. My breathing turned shallow and I could feel more wetness following the same track the first had made. I caught the tip of my tongue between my teeth and watched intently. Kevin’s feet shuffled nervously. I saw the governor put his hand on Kevin’s shoulder out of continued concern. Oh this was rich. Do it, I pushed with my mind. Do it. 

For a long moment I thought he would refuse. He’d better, I thought, or I would punish him when we returned home. I had a nice paddle at home with his name on it. Literally. Then he looked up and gave the governor a reassuring smile. The governor was leaning back with a relieved look spreading across his face right up until Kevin pulled his hand from is pocket and put his two middle fingers into his mouth and tongued them. The governor blinked rapidly then his face began to turn bright red. I’m sure he thought that he’d just received some obscene gesture.

The woman standing next to my husband held her mouth agape. And I, I was instantly flooded with pleasure. My husband was a fuckin’ freak and I loved him for it. I watched for a few more moments but couldn’t hear what Kevin said to apologize, reassure or explain himself but it seemed to work. I moved forward to quickly steal him away with a “honey the sitter called with an emergency” excuse. There of course, was no sitter but there was definitely an emergency! 

“I have to get you into a private room.. Now!” 

He said nothing but allowed her to pull him through the crowd and into one of the wide hallways. The third door they tried was unlocked and empty. The room’s décor was luxurious but no one cared. The door was closed by him forcing my back against it. He plunged his tongue into my mouth that began a devastating kiss that robbed me of speech. He took his jacket off as he kissed me and I ripped his shirt from his pant’s grip. I reached for his belt as he bit and sucked on my lips and I his. He squeezed and palmed my breasts through my dress and moved lower to suck on my chin. I pushed his head down when he went for my chest and found my nipple in his hot mouth in no time. I heard his zipper go down. We seemed to be on one hurried unified mission: to get him inside me. But everything stopped when his hand went under my dress and between my thighs. 

“Oh……my…god….” he whispered. “Keyara. You are so damn wet.” He was completely in awe as he palmed her wetness. Her pussy felt soggy wet like marshmallows soaked in fruit syrup. The shit nearly crippled him. He sank to his knees. But she protested.

“No!” she exclaimed struggling to pull him up by his collar. 
“Please, I need you in me right now,” I said in a breathless rush. He put his hand on the door to brace himself as he stood leaving a complete wet handprint.

“Ok,” he said reaching into his pocket, “okay but I want you to do what I just did and taste yourself while I fuck you.” He moved my panties back and forth between my now hot and eager nether lips then brought them up to my mouth. I grabbed his hand.
“Why don’t we taste together?” 

He breathed heavily and placed his forehead against mine. His eyes probed mind deeply saying everything I needed to hear without saying a word. He put the wet lace fabric to my lip and I opened my mouth. He placed the fabric inside leaving enough out for himself. The stub of his nails still managed to leave burning scratches on my thighs as he lifted my dress up. Out he pulled his cock and I only had a moment to feel it hard and warm against my inner thigh before he took my panties into his mouth and lifting my legs onto his hips, thrust his dick into me. I groaned hard around my panties and put my arms around his neck. He thrust into me hard and fast with the evening’s acutely developed lust, making the hard curved door handle rattle and dig into my back. I grimaced in pain and he slowed down his thrust not becoming less hard but slower and deeper. We looked into each others eyes and sucked loudly on the fabric in our mouths in time with his rhythm. The sound was making us both crazy and I knew a climax was not far off. His breathing became heavier and I brought his face close to mine. The air around us became densely humid and the heat made our skin sheen with sweat. The intensity of his thrust and the moment made tears come to my eyes, my body’s way of pushing out the overflow of overwhelming pleasure. I could feel him in every part of me, every muscle, and every bone. He held me up with his hands under my ass spreading my cheeks wide apart and I wanted to scream, more… more… faster! But I didn’t have to. He began pounding me like his life depended on it and in moments I could hear his orgasm growling up through his chest. Rapid fire thrusts and then ‘uuuh uuunnnh uuuuuunnnhh!’ his climatic groaning struggling around the fabric. His head jerked sharply and I heard the panties rip. He came so forcefully I thought I could hear the crunch of my back actually breaking or at least slipping a few disks. My orgasm came roaring on the heels of his and shook my entire body before settling into some sort of disheveled order. 
Kevin allowed the saliva soaked panties to fall from his mouth before panting, 

“I swear woman, one of these days you’re going to get me arrested.” I giggled.

 In the silence that came after a small polite sound caught our attention. We looked right and saw the governor’s wife standing in the doorway of the on suite looking perfectly coiffed and dressed in Chanel from shoulder to toe. For one long horrifying moment we froze. I with my dress up to my hips, my ass hanging out, one shoe off, my breasts nearly exposed and my panties hanging out of my mouth. In the next moment, Kevin moved quickly to lower me to the floor, then turn and tuck his penis back into his pants while I fixed my dress and dropped my panties into my hand which I thrust behind my back. The governor’s wife and I were both pink cheeked but it seemed, for different reasons.

“Ma’am…. Mrs….. Your Honor…” I stammered. I had no clue about what to say. We could very well be ruined. Yet she lifted her hand in one fluid motion halting my bumbling. 
“Don’t worry,” she said, “I won’t tell.” 

The slamming of the door startled me and when I looked out and saw you my first thought was to close the door and wait until you finished and left but I couldn’t look away.” She began to move towards us, elegance infusing her movements. 

“You all have reminded me of the governor and I in the beginning of our relationship,” her southern twang was evident. I slowly found my shoe and put it on. Kevin picked up his jacket. She reached for the door handle. 

“What will you do?” I asked still nervous and knowing the thick scent of our sex was crowding her nose where she was standing. She turned back to me and smiled without showing her perfect teeth.

“I think tonight I’ll see about getting a few laws passed.” She opened the door and went out on a whisper of Chanel No. 5 without another word or look back as if we weren’t there. We looked at each other, our hearts pounding then fell against each other laughing. 

“In coming here we helped ourselves with so many important contacts. And in cumming here,” I pointed to the room, “we may have helped the city!” He laughed and shook his head.
“You’re right baby. You inspire and challenge me constantly and I do believe that insane sexual energy of yours just might change the world!” I beamed. He leaned down and kissed me deeply. Coded message: love.


This next artist that I am thrilled to feature, is a self published Author with a uniquely creative flare, laced  with a heavy dosage of sensuality like no other.....Introducing Renee Renda......

Renee Renda


Smarter than a blackberry;
These hips can’t stay stationary
To receive the manuscript encrypted by the talent you possess
To move a quill exceedingly making me drip 2 will

Sensorial heightens as I swerve along your roller coaster ride
My muscles in cruise control for this inter-state pipeline
You push through my sanity deeper than Chinese water torture
Legs and palms open
Devoted to the keeper of this tilted reader of my good fortune

Bring me to my knees shifted mocha God I adore
Whose thighs are stronger than cement?
And whose body rises like sunshine off crystal floors
Statuesque frame towers like an Egyptian pyramid

Subliminal artifacts reign on my presence from honey glazed lips and coffee colored eyes to whom my heart pours
A language only your greater latitude speaks
Waving a wand that makes my spine weak

Surrounding my spirit sweetly with tilted axis
That leaves me spinning
Like yards of yarn from a wooden spool
Chasing a trail of happiness from which I swoon
Lost in rhythm provided by precise moves

Convincing me that non believers are fools
Who don’t know where your redwood roots go
Filter into me silk spun by a caramel flood

As I nurture divine deviation drifted
Slightly from a straight force

Sway me like leaves from a coconut tree until
Sweetness emerges from me once more

Turns sharper than roads along back country dirt hills
Lineage too much for those who don’t have the skills
I am beyond the 12 step program to kick this thrill

I sacrifice before your endowed vast marginal court
Pleading with humility to let this seeker aboard
Temptation that twist farther down than the Amazon River
Curve page2. (Continued)

Savage I have granted permission to this warrior to enter
With tribal chant
Primal thirst I am chanting
Intransient and impervious to all others
Who aren’t worthy?
Or cut from the same cloth nor are as deserving
Of that curve

Sexier than some perfume sprayed on paper icons
Who’ve got it all wrong?
Fuck pheromones
Carry me like cargo
Deliver me from every day stress
Display onto me ankle grabbing,
Sheet biting

Face in downward facing dog
Pound drums slower than daily ritual Buddhist song

Smooth sword pierce from far
Stretched out before my king
Forsaking all others because they are wrong

Finally building up the nerve to endorse
The praises of your curves
And this urge
For his curve

I yearn for
His curve
I learn his curve
His curve
His curve

His curve

‘Curve’ in the poetry section of Verbal Portraits by
Renee Renda
Copyright 2011, 2012
All Rights Reserved

Rain Delay

The weather was blah, muggy, dull, and damp; there was no relief in sight. I drove home feeling melancholy but ready. I was ready for whatever else to go wrong for that day to finish going wrong. I was relieved my four tires hit a parking space close to my apartment door. I took a deep breath and was greeted by huge, slow, sticky raindrops that fell onto me. I turned my key to enter the lobby a voice said: "I've been waiting. I don't like to wait." My eyes searched the left and right side of me to discover that the man's tone came from behind me. Barely able to see his reflection through the glass double doors I moved forward. He remained behind me.  Determined not to appear shaken, I walked gingerly to the metal elevator. His hand reached around me from behind and pushed the up button. His hands were large and had leather gloves on them.

I heard shifting behind me and I felt his warm dry body press up against me. My nerves were rattled by the loud voice of the elevator. "Level 1: first floor lobby". The feminine electronic voice prompted.  When the doors closed I stood next to a statuesque frame that took off his gloves and peered down at me. He was always aloof. I never knew what to expect.

He grabbed me and turned me towards him. My stomach had an even harder time containing its butterflies. He touched my face and slid his fingertips along the sides of my neck and then to the collar of my shirt. Pop,pop,pop! I took a step back and some of the butterflies escaped me. "The elevators have cameras." :I uttered.

"I don't care who sees what I do to you." Feeling my cheeks become warm and my face flush was of no matter now. I leaned forward on my toes and pulled his neck toward my mouth so I could do what I had wanted to. I traced the line of his jaw with my tongue. Simultaneously I felt his hands slide from off my shoulders and hold me a hell of a lot better than my bra ever could.

My lips were warm with anticipation...so were his. Before I had a chance to exhale we were on the penthouse floor. The pleasuring of my senses was interrupted by the elevator door opening and unnecessary electronic announcement. With  a strong arm he grabbed my jacket in a flash and pulled me off the elevator. Man-handled, I stumbled behind clumsy and eager! He didn't look back at me. His long arm became a leash and I became a playful puppy lapping behind.

The lighting in the stairwell hurt my eyes at first. The pounding of our footsteps made an echoing racket that bounced around in my ears like lottery balls. A cool breeze greeted us as we slid from up the stairs and through the doorway. The hard concrete woke my feet back up and distracted me from a new skyline comprised of grey achy clouds and the lake. I looked down. Just to see how small the tops of the other buildings were that surrounded us and the city.

Shit! I felt myself spinning and clasped his wrist for dear life! I was slapped with a passionate kiss. We began peeling thru layers of our clothes. Soon his scent disappeared in the rain along with mine. I pushed him to the ground and tried to suck the life out of his hard dick. I ripped the condom wrapper with my teeth then my hair became stashed in his palms!  My jaws were ready to fall off! It got good to him. I could tell.  He tried to pull me up to him. His thighs were moving side to side in an effort to regain control of what was happening to him. I seized the moment to get further on top of him. I lifted one leg while I was on all fours and leaned back into solid strong rhythmic strokes. His hips rose and fell under me. I rocked back and forth, I got wetter he went in deeper. I tried to grip all that he was giving me back with every muscle I owned but he knew what he was doing and kept giving it to me. My thighs were burning but I couldn't break free from the trance this dude had me in.

It was so good going in and out my body had a mind of its own. I couldn't slow down.  The back of my bra clung to my skin. His two hands were strapped to my ass. He sprung forward into me his moist heat sank into my chest. His teeth softly tugged on my nipples, his breath drying me off a little.  Overcome, I fell even more into him; my arms and lower back became heavy.

Slap! My palms gave a hi-five to the cemented coarse rooftop. There I was frozen in shock. I just went haywire on someone I had only seen a few times in passing. I didn't even know his name, just the magnetism that whipped through me when we were in each others presence for a brief second.

Still in shock I hopped off him onto my side. How cliché' would I sound if I said: "I don't do things like this." or some other line? But in this instance it was the truth. One night stands: we've all had whether we admitted it or not, but this? I rolled onto my back still panting. My hand held to my forehead...

While searching for something for me to say, my legs were flung open.
My clit was invited to a party courtesy of a wickedly divine tongue! "Mmmmmmm...." wormed its way past my lips.  My eyes closed.  I bit my bottom lip, my abs trembling from the rpm's this beast possessed. Before I knew it I was swimming backwards. The soles of my feet grinding into 1/2 inch pond developing on the roof top. My screams were covered by thunder and harder rain falling.

Next thing I know ... My head was down and my hips were up in the air! And I was being drilled into like a million dollar construction project. All I could do in response was holding my ankles and take this beating my pussy was gettin' like a champ!  It was hard and it hurt, it hurt so… good. My mouth fell open but no sound could come out. My eyes rolled up and my eyelids shut like new window blinds. He came. And fell on top of me and looked sexy doing it too.

We looked at each other. I had no clue what kind of expression I had on my face. A few minutes past and we got up. Neither one of us spoke. I didn't have to ask him if it was worth his wait, because it was. I didn't know what to say but somehow I knew that neither one of us necessarily did. We said what we wanted to without words.

Dressed in cold drenched clothing with my ruined shoes clutched in my hand, we went back downstairs; silently this time. I lead the way back. The hall lights were on and the narrow tunnel carpet on the floor was soothing. I placed my hand on the wall and dropped my shoes to slide them back on. Our fingers touched for a second and we left them there and looked at each other. It seemed like a while before the elevator arrived. Our attraction was still there simmering.

The elevator door opened and we stepped on. I put my head down because I didn't want to ruin what transpired and I wasn't able to find words to say. I pushed the button to my floor. As the elevator doors began to open he pulled my hair back and kissed me softly.  I got off the elevator in disbelief over the last hour or so that just went by. I turned around and we stood and faced each other as the elevator door closed.  

 ’Rain Delay’ a short story from the book Verbal Portraits by
Renee Renda
Copyright 2011,2012
All Rights Reserved


This artist I am very thrilled to feature. Born in trinidad, he is the Author of this intense featured thriller titled " Reality, Dreams and Nightmares".  This Published Author has a very unique  brand of talent, with a flare for erotic expression; He also writes poetry as well. Show some love to this extraordinary artist...Introducing....

Gaiven Clairmont


Gaiven Clairmont was born in Trinidad on 10th February 1985. Despite his interests in Science and Mathematics growing up, he always had an interest in the arts, preferably the written arts.

After developing his writing style in his mid teens, this author stopped writing to focus more on his academics. He returned to his craft at the age of 23 after being so encouraged by his friends and loved ones who saw and admired his work. There he started from where he stopped, writing poetry and light short stories.

Still not satisfied with the level of his writing, he honed his craft and skill. He experimented with different forms of writing. One of which was erotic poetry in order to improve his romance scenes in some of his stories.

Then he added erotic stories to his repertoire and since then he hasn't looked back. He now has 3 ebooks published on Amazon.com, 2 poetry ebooks and one collection of erotic stories, and very recently he released his first novel an erotic thriller entitled Reality, Dreams and Nightmares. He'll be putting out some novellas and novels in the next coming months as he takes his craft to another plateau.

So look out for more literary works from this author who believes his destiny is in fact written in the stars. 

The Effect of A Kiss That’s Not On Your Lips

The radiant glow
On my caramel-coated skin
Has nothing to do
With the flattery
By my many ardent admirers
But rather it is
Because of the beautiful kiss
I received last night
You see his kiss
Was so enthralling
So sensual
And even though
He never touched
My strawberry red lips
He melted my spine in a blissful blaze

Hmm that tantalising tongue of his
So tenacious
So determined
As it tunnelled through
To my treasure trove

Hmm hmm
The way he gripped
My trembling thighs
As he parted my hips
With his lips
So sensual
So sweet
He tasted
And he liked
And he tasted some more
Tickling my fancies
Without the inkling
Of what he did to my liquid lust
Melting in the sweat
As he set my bed ablaze
With orgasmic flames

My God!!!!!!!!
God should clone his tongue
The way he conducted my clit
With flicks and licks
Lulling me into
Deep passionate moans
Eyes rolling in my head
Where my fantasies have been confined
To my nymph-like mind
But his tongue
Released these suppressed emotions

For so many years
I’ve craved a kiss like this
My hands caressing his head
As my tongue encircled my lips
In delight
I forced his mouth in deeper
As he painted a portrait of my every desire
With that numinous brush
Brushing away all my inhibitions
Attuning my senses
As I struggled to sit up
Only being supported
By the strings
Strung by the seductive song
Being played
On my victimised violin
Victimised by the way he took charge
The way he never let go
Never let up
Till my ear-splitting scream
Echoed in the shrillness of the night
Till my hips
Were gyrating against his soft full lips
The way he nibbled
The way he massaged my walls
Like a masseuse
Releasing all my sexual tension
With one telling kiss

So that’s why
Despite what happens today
My mind will be in perpetual reminisce
Of that romantic rendezvous
Resonating resoundingly
Rhythmically releasing regrets
Relinquishing requirements
Risking ridicule
Rising raptures.

                Copyright ©2010  Gaiven Klavon Clairmont

Excerpts from "Reality, Dreams and Nightmares"

“Oh My God Chris! Oh yes, yes, yesssssssssssss!!!!”

My body was sorely but sweetly loved. My pussy felt as if it would be forever flamed by his fast
frictional thrusts. I exploded, my cum hitting everywhere.
My body was cooled as he shot his cream inside of me. The jet sprays tickled me intimately, as I held
on for more. I knew he had more in him and I was going to drain him out completely.
I wanted him in all my holes. I longed for his cum to cool down my heated sexual rage. I relaxed in
his arms, whiles we just kissed and cuddled on the sofa.
Our bodies slid sensually over each other, until I felt him hard against my flesh. I turned over, holding
the head rest on the sofa, and teased the tip of his erection. I sensually flexed and grinded my
curvaceous behind in his face.
I wanted him to hold me down, before he took me in my other hole. He tamed my wriggling waist,
but instead of going in for the kill. He painted his precum all over my cheeks. He entered, and then
pulled out, gracing my opening with his smaller head, before re-entering.
I longed to flex my ass on him. My curves devoured him with painful ease, as he dug in the depths of
my hedonistic flesh. I gyrated against his many inches of pure divinity. I gyrated until his arousal
He needed to hold his orgasm back, so he shot me with sizeable thrusts. He held my waist, as he
commanded me to keep still. So there I was, one hand on my clit caressing it to give myself the
ultimate pleasure, the other hand struggling to keep my butt in his radar.
Christopher continued his assault on my flesh. Each hole he dug was one closer to releasing my
regret, for of course I felt guilty. I was ass up, getting rammed, from romance to revenge.
Romance for it was glorious to be fucked like this, after such an intimate cuddling session, we shared
hours ago.
Revenge for it was against Ricardo, that I fucked. It was against Ricardo, that I allowed my body to be
soiled in sexual sin. When Christopher shot forth his sweet sperm in my ass, I squirted sensually and
sensationally on the couch.
He pulled me up to him and we kissed some more, before I whispered into his ears “Baby let’s go in
the bathroom, so we could wash off and I could milk your beautiful, lovely dick in my mouth.”
With that I got up, and with my feet, in a sensual walk to the bathroom. I gave a seductive glance in
his direction and saw his mouth drop as my hips rolled from side to side, like a pendulum ticking
away the seconds, till our clandestine rendezvous was over.
I washed him off and took immense pleasure, as I scrubbed him from his neck to his feet. I leaked
lustfully, as I rubbed myself against his body.

           Copyright ©2010  Gaiven Klavon Clairmont

For purchasing information on this title, go to the "Authors Corner" section for links where books are available, this title is available in E-book @ Amazon.com.   Thanks in advance for your show of support!

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