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Current & Upcoming releases by this talented roster at Amorous Ink Publishing

Liquid Eroticism 

By Gerald R. Johnson Jr.

As you read the poems and stories carried within the covers of this book realize that there is a difference. In the mind of this Writer, this Storyteller, erotica is the fantasies we as adults think of but may not be able to live out. Dreams accosts us of passionate moments with that one person who we feel will take us into a totally different realm of needs and hungers. Erotica helps to feed those needs and hungers. Erotica helps to fill in the blanks in your dreams with those sexy words that inspire the dreams to heat up and burst into an inferno. Erotica stirs up those feelings of passions and excitements that touch upon the fringes of beauty, romance and ecstasy. 
As you turn the pages of Liquid Eroticisms, sit back with a nice glass of wine, have that sexy jazz cd playing low in the background. If you haven’t already, go slip into that something sexy and silky to get you into that mood, and then read and enjoy as the poems set you up for the stories that follow. Each poem builds up your eagerness to dive into the stories, and live the romances of the characters through your own heated dreams. Remember, keep and open mind and that as adults we each view passion and romance differently, but with similar characteristics. The poems are my own dalliance with poetic prose set to an erotic stanza hopefully ending with a heart thumping, blood rushing effect...

House of Mirrors

By S. Israel


The latest release from Deep Rivers continues to take the acclaimed author deeper into the realm of sensuality and sexuality with another collection of steamy poetry and short stories. Co-written with author Faded Words and other guest poets, the writers offer sexual perspectives from the male and female points-of-view. Choose your side and be Spellbound.


I Love My Plate Full

Keno, is a writer of Erotic Poetry and Short stories inspired by his love for full figured women.

I Love My Plate Full

Not only do his words stimulate the mind but intensify the soul.

His inspiration does not stop at just full figure women but his love for all women…


Get the book, Sensuous Dragon, by Deep Rivers and the self-titled Deep  River audio CD for a special limited time price!!


The Dominant View

For two years Venessa Jackson has played the role of a Female Dominatrix, Mistress Venus Sky, at an internet pornography studio in Los Angeles. Now, just in time to influence the 2008 Presidential election she takes control of a conservative Washington DC lobbying firm through a proxy, her newest male slave, Kyle Pembroke, who has become enamored with her after watching dozens of her fetish porn videos online.

sex, lies and politics...not necessarily in that order...

Check the highly acclaimed title by Najen titled "Jojoba Essence, a woman's worth"

Najen offers a tale of women and their true desire of sexual gratification. Sex of the rich and famous lands at the feet of Jojoba Essence. Deception, death, and wild erotic sex causes for this sisterhood to fall at their knees.
After fighting a battle of poverty, homelessness, and the sex trafficking industry of Minnesota, Nicole had the ability to rise above it all. Jojoba Essence journey offered an opportunity for her safety, freedom and the money she earned was enough to support any dream.
But is it worth her soul….

Allow me to seduce and stimulate you mentally as we engage these burning wants of passionate desires. A MUST READ to add to your collection. Paperback addition only $10.99! ORDER YOURS TODAY!!!!


All The King's Court


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