Spoken Styles (Erotic Poetry Perfomances)

These are a few select talents who perform spoken word. I will be adding more videos in the coming weeks.  Check it out and leave your comments. Thank You!!!

One of my all time favs, the one and only.....The Floacist!!!

The Floacist - Let Me (Official Video)

This next world renown artist, I am a huge fan of her work. Words cannot describe how amazing she is.  Take a listen and see for yourself.  If you are interested in purchasing her current releases, just click the link below for additional info. Dive in and do enjoy!!!  Introducing.....The Queen of Erotica.....Isis Sun!!!


Isis Sun -My Eyes, Morning Mist 

Music by Ricardo Love

Isis Sun-Enter Connected Moans(RLovermx)

I am thrilled to feature the talents of this world renown artist of spoken word.   She brings forth such beauty and sensuality......Indulge yourself as she captures you with her sultry, seductive flow.  Introducing......Heart Spoken Niecy!     Also, make sure to check out her website. http://heartspokenniecy.yolasite.com/niecy-moments.php

Heart Spoken Niecy-Touches.mov

Heart Spoken Niecy-Moonlight.mov

Secrete Emotions Lying in Bed live

Perfect Morning Secrete Emotions

To You perfomed by Secrete Emotions

couchie poem performed by bo ellis 

Jequiche's Spoken Word "Picture This"

Wedded Semen's (( Erotic Def Poetry Slam ))

Erotic poem "Invitation" By NAKED THOUGHT

Freak Nasty Poem

Reesi Cups - Always Ready to Learn Something New ( sex poem )


  1. Thank you for exposing my art to your friends and followers, means a lot to me! Peace and blessings, Secrete Emotions
    2008 DMV Best Spoken Words Artist, Secrete Emotions