Sunday, October 30, 2011

Can't Fight It.........

What is it about you…….

That heighten my curiosity
Your potent sensuality
Stimulating to my senses
Enthralled these many fantasy
Of you and me, as our lips lock
Tempetures rising a 100 degrees
Of pure unadulterated ecstasy
In our bare as you stand before me
You smooth brown décor
All the way down to those shapely thighs
To taste your tongue, I see the sex in your eyes
Mating calls awakening my senses
A stench of sex looms the air
To taste you
To touch you
As you shift the girth of your hips
Intensity abides as our bodies collides
The width of my shaft expands
Passionate kisses as our lips lock
Gyrating your hips side to side
I long to thrust your stanza
As my tongue travels your canvas
Spew me your gushing falls
Giving you every inch of me
Potency as I inject myself
Inside those warm inviting walls
Saturate me your wetness
Fulfill your lustful cries
Tension mounts up
As I fill you my manly steel
Tonight is about to get real
Engage like heavyweights
As we create our rendition
Of Tyson and Holyfield
Massaging your G spot
As moan
We bone
Hop on top….Ooooh yeah
That’s right, you the lady
Putting on a show tonight
Bouncing on top of my
Throbbing width
Up and down
You bounce
You move 
You shift
Taking control
Bathing every inch of my swell
Up and down trying not to loose control
You know you got that gud gud
Potent like a toke of some potent kush
Slapping that ass
Mischievously fiended
For more of you……

Wait a minute……Damn!
The alarm just went…..Was only fuckin dreamin……Damn!

Copyright©2011 Roberto Denaro Styles

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