Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Moments Everlasting...........

As we enter the realms of pleasures palace
A wonderous malice we partake in
Warrant me your advances
I shall suffice, providing all you need
As I feast upon your wanting flesh
Our mouths part, our tongue mating nuptials
For every taste, for every touch
The smooth of your caramel skin
I shall never sever as I weather
The delightful of your tasty entrée
I feast upon you like exquisite cuisine
The serving you provide
With a cherry on top
Seasoning our recipe
With the wet of our every kiss
Our bodies collide
Two forces divorcing all laws of nature
Engulfed these intense wants
Flames we breed to kindle
Stimulations relieved
We touch
We breath
Intense magnetism 
Tugging my gravitational pulls
Each serving prepared
I engage your full course
Toiling my tongue
Nibbling your lobes
Gliding gently down your neck
Intense moans you whisper
The thick of my girth shifts
My heart thunders
As I relish your sweetened salivations
Our bodies gyrate in unison
Loath me your silent cries
Hollow sighs you inhale
I commence dictation
Countless moments shared intimately
To show you in so many ways…..
On this night…..How much I’m into you…..

To be continued…….

Copyright©2011 Roberto Denaro Styles

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