Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Passions rumblings unleashed.............

Your body….Hmm

Ready to plunge my throbbin shaft
Soak me your seas of wetness
I know you got a bone to pick
As I plunge the deep of your warm invites
Enticed by your thighs, the way we lock eyes
The stare you give off, creates intense flares
Lift those legs….yeah give me a sign for victory
As I thrust you, you walls clench
Shit boo…..Ready to give you every inch
Of this good ass dick, as bump, we grind
Moanin, breathin, verbalizing at fever pitch
I know how you like it, as we bone
Back and forth, we talk shit……
Ready to fuck you so hard, and I know you ready
Scratching my back, screaming while you call me daddy
Sooo damn wet, gyrating my pelvic, drenched by your wet wet
Stroking my girth inside your walls, mating calls we heed
Giving you what you sooo badly need, pumpin in and out
Skins slappin, ass smackin…..Yeah boo, came to do what I do
Our bodies drenched in sweat, giving you my dictations
The fixation of your eyes, as I cradle your thighs
This will be a night that we will never forget…….
Forget all the stress and worries of the day…..
Cream all over this shaft, massaging that G spot
Damn girl… got that good ass shit…..
Hop on top of me…Yeah, that’s it…bounce on this hard ass dick
Move them hips up and down, as we engage….
Round One….In the kitchen
Round Two….In the bathroom
Round Three….on the balcony
Round Four…..On the staircases
Bumpin and Sweatin, letting off screams
While we exchange fuck faces…….
Traces of saliva as I bit those hard nipples
You everything and more than I could expect
Bend your over as I stand behind you
Tugging to your hair, slapping that ass
You know how I like it rough
But you had a surprise for me
Back in the bedroom….
Yeah, you know you like that kinky stuff
Broke out the chocolates, the strawberries
The blindfolds, accompanied with the handcuffs
See….I know we both control freaks…
Covered in chocolate and whip cream
Everything a man could dream
You give that good shit……
We can go at it all night long…….
Have me daydreaming all day
How you creamin for me
Daydreamin how much I want to fuck you……..

Copyright(c)2011 Roberto Denaro Styles

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