Monday, January 30, 2012

Salaciously Sedated

When something dwells the  imagination

Infatuations tugging forces
My discourse disbands
Bodies calypso
Two a joining forces
Natures brazening
My mind toils
These turbulent stirrings
Set to unfold
Secrets untold
Frictions longs
You to reciprocate 
We shall no longer for go
The long of bodies calling
Anticipation speaks our behalf
We have long beheld
Like handcuffs arresting these thoughts
Just want to feel the soft of you
Flesh suppressions set to unfold
Wanderings lingering my thoughts
Wisk by your changing winds
Gusting forth, breathing and intense movements
This lingering want between us, pent up 
The inner trappings of normalcy
The girth of these passionate tugs
To till your barren grounds
Sprouts of your blossoming folds
Scold me the restraints 
Unfold your many convictions
Abrasions, a fortitude but not to be to prude
Flesh reprieved, alleviate the ignites of two souls
Compressed grounds collide like a joining lands
Like the first time we touched hands
My mission is to unleash these antagonizing vices
Repressions heave my chest
Hungered hands toil fertile lands
Spillages of abstracts expansive
Wavering girths unearth 
Abase me your fleshly engagements
I covet the airs of you
Breath with me as we cleave this empty space
Seasoning drippings we pro create
Setting moons consume
Salivate me your leavens
Of your succulent traces
Milling across your fields
Fertile soils I implode
I ponder a restful intermission
Climatic soars, an outpouring I gorge to never waste
Toiling the crescents, rumblings across your ravines
And not a drop to waste…..As I taste your forbidden citrus
Climates soars, magnitudes of elusive equators…..

None other like you……And there is not a lover greater……

Copyright©2012 Roberto Denaro Styles

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