Monday, January 30, 2012

A Stench Of Want In The Air

Passions rumble
Like the tumbling
Of intense thunders
That submerge the skies
The stench of curiosity
Hovers the crescent
Watchful beams as our mouths part
Mating under the setting of the full moon
Want lingers, compressions of bodily consumes
Written in eyes, the need in your voice I partake in
Speaking your body needs me…as badly as I need you....
Spew me your fountains, I partake this awake
Eagerly awaiting the caress of your hands
My tongue naps your inhibitions
My warmth cradles your libations
Situations got us both consumed
Hands grope your waist
To taste you
To touch you
An uneasiness awakes us
A spark ignites
From the night
Till the early noon
Bathe me
Embellish me
Staff girded
Gorging your in dwellings
Loving like this is the first honeymoon
Don’t know what it is
Your voice
Your smile
I lavish you my spoils
Physical enhancements
Many advancements
I relish your forbidden enchantments
I know you want me
As badly as I want you

There is only one thing left to do
No need to fight it…..
Exploring foundations
Consummate me your soul
As we embark this rendezvous…….

Can’t stop thinking about you…….

Copyright©2012 Roberto Denaro Styles.

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