Sunday, November 27, 2011

The full of your cup I sip upon........

Strapped in by the embillicles of each syllable prescribed
Lust fictious annihilation invokes scores of dictationss
As I sip this cup of nectar, a sector of self....Hmm
Touching, flutters of my heartbeat rushing
Sonnet me your percussions, no discussion needed
Your longings plea a need as I ascend, reaching 
Seeking to touch the sky with you...Oh my my
As I thurst you the girth, as my ink penetrates your cerebral cortex
Words break down all barriers, rapture me your awakenings
A quake stiffens the rigors of my mental state
As I cuisine myself, I toil the girth of your earths axis
Eyes glimmer, you clamour as I splurge myself your succulent entree
Pent up like animosity, possibly reaching heightened degrees
As the sunsets, together we devour ravines
So persuasive, arousal peaks....weakened by your mystique
Intrusion subsides these heightend climates
Altitudes I elevate, evasions pertrude my mood
My eyes glued to your seductive paradox
Deal sweetened with a cherry on top
Ambitions so to speak, you weaken me this non stop
Restraints no longer, I surrender myself to thee....
Undercurrent me your overpower surge
Of this animalisitc rage we engage
Mouths parched, as we set the stage
No formalities needed, this greed I harbor
Desires surpressions.....Confessions I heed.......
Relieve me as I soak your supple elevations
Each peak I climb, desending borders I survey........
Renditions of my ink after dark.......Come now......

Let's play, infactuated by the demands....
As I reflect upon, your soulful display
Never to one up another.....Come....Come let's play.......

Copyright(c)2011 Roberto Denaro Styles

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