Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lust On Fire

I love making love
I love to fuck too
By every degree
A quiet storm awakes
Turbulent seas
Waterfalls soar these lustful shores
My throbbing staff reeks infactuation
Temptations well my confines
Flesh to flesh, mouth to tongue
Gloss me your fullness
Lips full bloom
Consume me your physicality's
That i do decree
Making love, fucking
Embellish me your spews
Hollow rhythms
As we gyrate 
Against the undercurrents
Of such immense infatuation
Intensity springs forth
Loins seep in perspiration
I love making love
I love fucking
I love a little hip clap action
I need that kind of action
On scale of one to ten
It's a win win....
Again and again
A recipe of....
Pure unadulterated affections
My will I impose.....
This chapter is never ending
Sending your thighs 
Into oblivion.........
I love fucking you
I love making love to you.....
Ready for some bump and sweaty
I can see in your eyes
It's written all over your face
Just in case you are wondering
Let's make it happen....
While we play some Keith Washington and Chante
Baby, no need to beg nor plea
I have need of thee......
I can tell you are ready........

Copyright(c)2011 Roberto Denaro Styles

Keith Washington ft. Chante Moore - I Love You

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