Thursday, December 8, 2011

I like it rough~This piece was written January 25, 2011

I like it rough
Ass smackin
Pillow clutchin
Gut touchin
Show somethin

Lets make it happen

I love it when your teeth's clenched
Pussy drenched, stroking long while you scratch my back

I love hittin from behind
Fuck the small talk, no need for candles
Why wine and dine, all day on my mind

Sheets drenched wet
Bumpin harder and harder
Removing the garter
We both drenched in sweat
Damn boo, look at you
So damn wet, drivin deep
Pillow over your face, not as much as peep
Damn sexy, you a good ass freak....non stop action
This physical attraction, satisfaction, this could go for weeks

Missionary, Doggystyle, how do you want it
That sexy red neglijae, I know just how you want it

Lets get it crackin
Skins slappin, my stroke game mackin
When I cum, I cum packin, so whats happenin

Dont be scared
Be prepared...Afterall
Those texts sent with intents of rough sex
Mr. Marcus style, Wesley pipes, as I strike rated X

Pounding your clit backside
While I slide, in and out, talking hella shit
U Scream "Keep goin baby, you got that good dick"

Pounding that ass, head board bumpin
Yeah...bounce that azz, do somethin

Talking shit ass you look back, intense stares
Throbbing harder as I stroke U, harder & harder, not having a care

Ass clappin, crashing the headboard
Now you ready to navigate, no need to wait
Hop on aboard, ride this dick like a Honda Accord

Do that shit like a stallion
Bounce up and down, clutching that nice, firm round
Bounce on this dick baby, clappin skins, again & again
Going pound for pound, OH Yeah girl, rock my world
Please, do that shit, it going down.......

Up and down you go
At first fast, then slow
Gyrating in tempo
A rhymatic instrumental
Sweat drippin the edge of my temple
Background, sounds of R. Kelly instrumentals

Breathing like two demons scheming
Talking shit to each other, Bumpin so hard
Hoping not to bust the rubbers, thats cool
Not a fool, well equipped with tools stashed under cover

Hot wet and warm
Doing more than the norm
I slap you, you slap me
Rough sex endeavors
To clever, As I weather your wet terrains

After hours of doing you
You doing me, squirt action
The attraction of the evening
Damn sexy, you a good ass freak
That gud, gud will have my wood throbbing for weeks

Boning, So much talking, touching and moaning

Rough and Rowdy
Loudly the room screams
Rough like Ike and Tina
Raw and rough, you sexy cenurita 
I knew it then and there when I met her

Clutching that waist, tugging her hair
But thats the way she likes it...Raw dog style
All the while not having a care, in our bare
Doing all types of haliciuos things

I am guilty as charge
A man at LARGE.....
Don't bother to a quit
To feel the wet of your slit
No bullshit, can't quit
I will force, make it fight

Wrestling around
Going down but no biting please
I love the way you please even when you tease
Even when you are tasting me with your mouth
Eyes locked on me, back and forth, bobbing your head
Caressing this lead, got me turning red, before me, on your knees

NO matter what it is
You always handle biz
Uh Oh....what was that shit
Damn!!!, its the boys....fuck!!! Damn kids!!!!

Copyright(c)2011 RDS

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