Thursday, November 3, 2011

Your Spoils I Savor

Traces of your crimson gloss
Relic the confines
Many physicality’s withheld
I succumb these desires
Which have been long suppressed
Gloss me the pout of your full bloom
Consummate me your savors
I savor your sweetened flavors
Our mouths interlocked
Abase me your passionate glands
Embellish me, intense devours
An overpowering surge vexes my loins
Sweet caramel drippings
Slip from the tip of your tongue
My chest heaves 
Combustions set to rage
If your body was a scribe
My tongue would be the ink tip
Drips of lettering, I write across your canvas
If your spreads was a Muriel
I would be your paintbrush
As I greedily devour your canvas
Spew the purities of this…..
Undaunted elixir
A goddess wanes right before me….
Moans and whispers
Our bodily consumes enflamed 
Under the restful eyes
That beam the full moon…..
I center myself your circumference
Spells of anticipation
Has been long over do……

Fixations dwell my temple
Mental stimulation
An open invitation
As we engage
Like savages unleashed
Prelude to the perils
Of this……Nighttime rendezvous……

Copyright©2011 Roberto Denaro Styles

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