Thursday, November 3, 2011

Straight Freak Mode..........

Sometimes I just……

Like to get raw with my sensuality
Once my interest peaks
Lubricate me your soakened regions
As I charter your valleys unknown
I’m the type when it’s late at night
Squirt action while I verbalize on the phone
The deep of my baritone
Creating visuals while you fanaticize
Of me and you alone
Robust like a king, I holds my throne
But damn girl!!! When you on top
You sure know how to hold your own
I bring it straight to the point
I like it raw and rough
I know you ready
I can see it in your eyes
Launch sequence ready
We can start out smooth and steady
We can travel memory lane
Rocking to jams by Freddie
Break out Luther, even Teddy
I’ll have you crooning like the Mary Jane Girls
Alllll Night Looooooong!!!!!!
As I thrust my mandingo friction
Pluging every inch of my diction
Baby this is no fiction
We can do all positions
We will…….
Swallow this hollow friction
Legs up, missionary position
Now I know it’s lewd 
For a man to talk this way
I like it straight to the point
Save the conversation
For the mattress  rumble we engage in
Like two UFC fighters caged in
Like two porno stars, setting the stage in
But the only lights, camera and action
As I direct this script, taking charge 
With my mandingo expedition
If I was a car salesman
You would definitely increase my commission
But for  real though….I aims to please
As we…..
Gliding manly steel
My whip has much appeal
Towering like Shaquille O’ Neal
Slam dunkin that pussy
Or like two title fighters
As I ignite your splash
While I get my smash on
Opening your flood gates
We can do it the movies
We can do it the backseat
Intense fever as I plunge my meat
And I got a load to carry
There is no need to hurry
You want tongue action
My face in your muff I bury
Nothings off limits for me
Except doing it in the cemetery
Cause this dick is sooo good
I’ll bring back the dead
Wanna talk head game
Sheets will be saturated with cum stains
I’m a Pisces which makes me a natural born freak
I packs stamina, have you screamin “Daddy fuck me harder”
I will take that pussy……and after I am thru
I will light an L up…..and crack open a can of brew…..

So what’s it going to be mami……If you scared, then I won’t come thru

The balls in your court sweety, I can tell you needy, so what’s it going to be

Tell me….do you wanna fuck……Cause I damn sho’ wanna fuck you……

What’s it gonna be………

Copyright©2011 Roberto Denaro Styles

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