Friday, December 16, 2011

Just One Night

My heart is one place
Each night I sleep
Deep I sleep, I see your face
To pull up to your place
Just to see the smile on your face

The radiance of your smile shines
No matter how hard I try, I can't lie
I can't get you off of my mind
Just to be alone with you, to have quality time
For just one night, to be all mine
We could dance, We could wine and dine
Just to be close to you, can't get you off my mind

Day to day, constantly on my brain
This feeling for you, so wrong, yet, there it remains

I want you, I need to feel your touch
Stimulate me please, No need to rush
I just want to make you smile, make you blush
Just between Me and you, we can keep it on the hush
Just between Me and you, no need to discuss
Just the thought of you, makes me want to bust

Devoured by your wetness
Entangled we are, clutching your waist
Tasting you, touching your face
Groping every inch of your folds

I want you and I have it bad

Just one night

You tell me the time
You tell me the place

We can text and talk
Thru my mind you walk

I just want to see your face
Your place, my place or anyplace
And not a moment to waste

I am addicted to you my lover
To uncover what our souls put to rest
Something about you, you bring out the best

Such throbbing urges submerges me
Just a moment alone, just you and me
Candles lit, erection raging fits
Just to dive inside of you, damn girl
I know you have that good shit

I want you so bad
I want you in bare
I want to toil your hair
I want you all night
Me and you alone, in our bare

In your bare, lying beside me
Fondling of all you, my tongue runs
Tasting those succulent Double D's
Just you and me, Lovers we are
Passionate exchanges this shall be

I just want you so badly
Hoping you feel the same about me

I have been fighting this
A truth I must admit
No matter how much I try
No matter how many times i ask why

I cannot not withhold, truth be told
I want to bring you such warmth
This truth I bare, can never be told

Just to feel your soft hands
Caressing my thickness as it expands
Stroking my love like only a real woman can

I want you so badly

I want your embrace
I want to see your face
Your place, My place or anyplace
Memories of you can never erase
Nor be replaced....I just need to see your face

I want you so

We could call this lust
This surge, an urge 
To caress every-fold of your bust
When I am down, You bring my up
This volcanic passion is set to erupt
Shhhh!!!!! Hush!!!! No need to discuss

Just to have you for one night
My curiosity aroused, this feels so right
Fighting this urge that purges me every night

This connection we share
Is it Love or Lust, time alone with you
Most often than not, I just want to discuss

Is this need
Is this simply my greed
Nevertheless, it is you I need
Together, as we tango slow motion
Together, me and you shall breed
This is your night baby, go ahead, take lead
Many months ago, I have already took heed

Such allure, the purity of your power
Kissing, fondling, touching the creavaces  of soul
Discreet we are, my shinning star in the midst of this midnight hour

I want you so badly
I want to stroke you
I want to touch regions never exposed
I want you so.....Lucky I am, that I could be chose
I want you in all bare, firm breast, fully exposed
Do not disturb sign, the door shall be closed

I want you so badly

You are my want
You are my need
You want me to follow

Go ahead, have your way, take lead

To stroke you
To kiss your breast
Lay your head back
Allow yourself rest

While I do what I do
Tonight is our night
Finally, just me and you
So many ways I want to love on you

Straddled a top of you
Inside, feeling every inch of my stroke motion
Slow coasting along, breathing silently, violently thrusting
The moist of you as our mouths salivate
This passionate exchange, a moment to celebrate

I want you so badly

Madly I lust you
Madly I thrust you

No need to rush
Just want to make you gush
Just to see your face blush
Lets take our time, no need to rush

Lets fall together in abyss
Just to share another kiss
One can only imagine.....
Baby, you are definitely on my wish list
This passion that looms, both consumed
This evening we share, both in our bare
Succulent breast, gently I kiss your chest

This is not quick fix, together, to unique blends
I can no longer pretend......The soul of me I extend
Just to have you, not wanting this evening to end

So much I want to do
So much ground to cover
Not one to smother...two lovers
Such a beauty it is to discover

Me and you.....Lets get it on
All thru the night til early morn
Cuddled together like two newborns 

To Be Continued.........

Copyright(c)2011 Roberto Denaro Styles

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